Vintage Iron Garage is a shop specializing in the repair, restoration, customization and modernization of classic vehicles. We have a friendly and knowledgeable team that is always up for any challenge others call impossible. From exact restorations to wild customs, there is nothing we can’t do and our attention to detail is second to none. Come down and tour the shop so you can see for yourself that Vintage Iron Garage isn’t just a restoration shop, it’s a factory where dreams are built.

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GP Series

Starting at $125,000

Our GP Series is a build package that completely modernizes your classic vehicle. The package includes many modifications and upgrades most would like in their vintage ride to make it more comfortable, more reliable, safer, and higher performing, while significantly decreasing regularly needed maintenance. Not only do GP Series builds come with an array of standard features, but we have a nearly endless list of available options as well.

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DP Series

Starting at $150,000

Vintage Iron Garage takes resto-mod to the next level with our DP Series. A DP Series vehicle will have the body of a classic, but the power, reliability, and longevity of a modern, diesel-powered vehicle. A DP Series build entails a modern diesel engine either built brand new or refurbished from a modern truck or car, performance and safety enhancements, as well as a litany of creature comforts standard, with plenty of options available.

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Unique Series

1939 Cadillac (after)

Starting at $100,000

Our Unique Series is a build package where you are only limited by your imagination. Do you want to theme your classic? Did you see a movie and wish you could own the wild vehicle in it? The the Unique line is for you. At VIG, we say there is nothing we can’t do to a classic, and we mean it. Be as individual and unique as the name suggests. “One-of-a-kind” is the key phrase in this series. Bring us your ideas and we’ll put them on the road.

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Vintage Series



Vintage Iron Garage’s Vintage Series is for the vehicle owner that wants to see what it would be like if their classic was brand new again. We can restore your vehicle back to showroom condition, inside and out, and make you believe you’ve gone back in time. We offer restorations from driver-level to Concours quality. Let Vintage Iron Garage turn your rusty ride into a showstopper.

As of January 2016, VIG will no longer be offering the Vintage Series

Garage Series



Don’t think you need to be in the market for a ground-up build to get your car into Vintage Iron Garage. If you have a car that’s in need of just a little bit of work, VIG can handle that, too. We do everything, from installing air conditioning, to upgrading to disc brakes, or even fixing a problem that other shops have said “it’s as good as it’s gonna get.” Even though your car’s already running and driving, it can still get the VIG treatment.

As of January 2016, VIG will no longer be offering the Garage Series

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